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Sep 16 2013 - Maintenance Free Aluminum Fencing - by Matt Goering

Aluminum fences are fast becoming one of the most popular fencing solutions  for residential, commercial, and industrial needs for many reasons. They are  lightweight, sturdy, never rust, and are available in a multitude of colors,  making them suitable for just about any application. If you\\\'re looking for fence  for your home, pool, yard or business, take a good, long look at this  increasingly popular product.

Tougher Than Steel As mentioned above, the reasons to choose  aluminum for your fencing needs are many, but perhaps the best reason to choose  this material is its durability. Aluminum fencing is nearly indestructible, and  because it doesn\\\'t rust it is an excellent alternative to steel or wrought iron  fences that have to be carefully maintained and painted to preserve their  integrity. For just this reason, aluminum fences have become the preferred  material for installation around swimming pools and other areas where regular  contact with water is inevitable.

The availability of powder coating for aluminum fences only adds to their  durability. Powder coating is a special painting process that cures paint onto  the metal and protects the fence from the elements, fading, and even graffiti.  Add all those together and you\\\'ve got a fence that is virtually maintenance free  (and usually guaranteed) for the life of the product.

Light as a Feather The other big benefit of aluminum fencing is  its weight. As with any aluminum product, aluminum fences are far lighter than  their steel or wrought iron counterparts. This means easier installation, longer  lasting life (as it won\\\'t stress joints and posts nearly as much as heavier  metals), as well a greater number of uses. Gates are a shining example of the  benefits of aluminum fences in this arena. An aluminum gate can span a distance  far greater than steel or iron for just this reason, and aluminum is far and  away the most popular choice for gates that provide entry to large estates and  commercial and industrial facilities.

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