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Broward Aluminum Fencing Installation Steps. How do I install a fence? Do it yourself easy fence installation for homeowners. Fort Lauderdale – Pompano Beach aluminum wood pvc vinyl chainlink fence


Our aluminum mechanical fence, aluminum welded fence, aluminum railings and aluminum ornamental gates (Steel fabrications offered as well) meet and supersede the most strict building codes for West Palm Beach. Broward and Miami Dade Counties in the State of Florida.

Why West Palm Beach, Broward County and Miami Dade County have the most strict fencing, railing & general construction building codes in the United States of America?

The reason is that South Florida is a peninsula located close to Caribbean Sea where every year is affected by harsh tropical hurricanes and storms. Florida has lived through Hurricane Andrews and Wilma in the past twenty years which called for a complete and drastic reform of all building codes including the fencing and railing industry in south florida counties such as West Palm Beach County, Broward County and Miami Dade County.
All metal fencing, raling and ornamental gates manufactured out of aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, iron extrusions fabricated under South Florida fencing and railing building codes and engineering provides the highest standards. 

Aluminum Fence Railing Supply located in Broward County (Fort Lauderdale – Pompano Beach Area)

Easy Pre- Fabricated Fence Installation!!!

After choosing your desired aluminum fence design styles from our elegant, durable and economical fence styles.

These are the following steps in order to install Mechanical Aluminum Fence.

Pre installation Steps:

Obtain and guide yourself always by a current property survey.

Contact your city’s building department and find out all  fence permit procedure, requirements, and specifications. Remember that every single city, county, state or country are different and may have special fence, railing & gates requirements and building codes for fencing materials and installation.

We highly recommend calling your local underground utility locators prior hand or machine digging for the fence installation. Avoid the expensive trouble of breaking utility lines. Place the phone call 72 to 48 hours prior installation.

It’s is free to locate utilities placed underground!!

Underground Utility Locator List  for South Florida.

Sunshine (Free Underground Utility Locator for Florida State Only)

Telephone Number:800-432-4770

Private Underground Utility Locators

Southeast Underground Utilities Corporation – (305) 681-3268 

Ground Hound Detection Services Inc – (561) 737-9800 

Inframap Corporation – (561) 586-0790 

American General Communications

(305) 262-4777 

Horizon Utility Locating

(561) 333-5686



Installation Steps:

1.- Identify the property pins and property lines guided by your survey.

Property pins are normally less than one feet in the dirt and they are made out of steel or iron metals.

2.- Once you have determined all property pins and verified measurements, clear vegetation if necessary and mark fence lines within your property by stretching a nylon string with wooden or metal stacks. When installing a boundry fence we highly recommend to fence several inches within your property.

3.- Based on the fence panels mark with a spray paint the exact holes location for digging. The most common depth and size for a fence post holes are 2’ feet deep and 12″ inches diameter (this may vary). Our standard fence posts spacing is 5’ feet from center post to post. Our standard fence panels are 10’ feet long with three posts (2 side post and 1 middle)

 4.- Once you have finished making the holes for the fence posts, start the fence installation by setting the aluminum fence panels in the holes and snapping all the fence sections together. If a section needs to be cut to a specific size do so with all safety precautions. After the section is cut re-assemble the post or snap piece at the end for assembly continuation. Once you have finished placing and snapping all sections together you may proceed to pour concrete in each hole. 

Reassure of correct vertical level and horizontal level of the fence sections as you pour concrete in each hole.

5.- If the terrain is irregular the fence will be installed with step downs or step ups to follow the contour of the ground. You can step down or step up by snapping the fence sections together at a lower or higher position. If the ground level is slightly irregular the fence will be flexible enough to follow of the ground level. The max gap between the level of the ground and the bottom channel of the fence is 2” inches.

6.- Once you have  a perfect leveled fence you may finish installing the gates. Add an extra 1 1/2” inch space to the aluminum gates width size for hinges and latches installation. For the most part gates opening pattern is outwards. Remember that gates have to be well aligned and leveled for a proper gate hardware installation.

7.- If this installation is done around a pool (Pool Fence) you must comply building codes by using self closing hinges and a latch (magna pool safety code latch) placed at a minimum height of 54” inches above ground level. The gate opening pattern “must” be outwards.

Enjoy your new fence!

Fence Tools Needed

  • Safety Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Fence Hole Digger
  • Hammer
  • Chop Saw
  • Marker
  • Power Drill
  • Wooden or Metal Stacks
  • Nylon String
  • Spray Paint